April 5, 2014 - 9:01 pm by Megan Fox

Even though they both use the same tech, there’s more interesting stuff you can do with a push zone. Here, I’m using it as a “thermal” above a fire, but they can just as easily point horizontally, at an angle, down even – they’re pretty flexible. You can push/pull yourself around inside of them by using the knockback and grapple rounds respectively, jumping into them results in a pretty fast and super high “jump”, falling into them is like hitting a cushion of air, etc. All pretty neat stuff! :D

April 5, 2014 - 8:57 pm by Megan Fox

I’m pretty glad with this tech. Both this and the push zones are all the same thing, under the hood.

April 3, 2014 - 10:11 pm by Megan Fox

CODE GEEKERY INBOUND! Also, free Unity AI code for a flyer that’s super slick (use it in your game, I do not care, I love helping people with their stuff).

So, here’s what this giant mess does. Let’s say you have a bird moving in a direction. What this does is apply that movement, and then any time it gets bumped, it corrects against the bump and then keeps flying in the same direction. If you bump it IN the direction it wants to go, it uses that to get itself up to speed, but, if you bump it faster than it wants to go? Then it slows down to its target speed, at the same rate it counters against other bumps.

The reason I’m sharing it is because it took ages to debug… and eventually the bug wasn’t even in this code, it was elsewhere in the AI / a really stupid problem related to behavior that didn’t make sense for a flyer. But upside! I went over this code with a fine-tooth come, and it’s SUPER slick now. HOORAY!

// First, figure out how much additional velocity we're applying, and apply it
Vector2 additionalVel = moveInput * MoveVelocityPerSecond * deltaTime;

curSideVelocity += additionalVel;
Vector2 preDampeningVel = curSideVelocity;

// Now, we want to dampen out any velocity that isn't in our currently-desired move direction
Vector2 desiredMoveDir = additionalVel;

Vector2 curSideVelocityDir = curSideVelocity;

// We want the perpendicular vector against which to decompose the curMoveDir into "desired" speed and "not desired" speed
Vector3 desiredMoveDir3D = Vector3.zero;
desiredMoveDir3D.x = desiredMoveDir.x;
desiredMoveDir3D.y = desiredMoveDir.y;

Vector3 curSideVelocityDir3D = Vector3.zero;
curSideVelocityDir3D.x = curSideVelocityDir.x;
curSideVelocityDir3D.y = curSideVelocityDir.y;

Vector3 temp3D = Vector3.Cross(curSideVelocityDir3D, desiredMoveDir3D);
temp3D = Vector3.Cross(desiredMoveDir3D, temp3D);

Vector2 notDesiredMoveDir = Vector2.zero;
notDesiredMoveDir.x = temp3D.x;
notDesiredMoveDir.y = temp3D.y;

// Now, we just dampen out any velocity along the perpendicular vector, in a time-relative manner
Vector2 notDesiredMoveVec = Vector2.Dot(notDesiredMoveDir, curSideVelocityDir) * curSideVelocity.magnitude * notDesiredMoveDir;

float dampenAmount = FlyingDampeningAirVelocity * deltaTime;
if (IsGrounded())
dampenAmount = FlyingDampeningGroundVelocity * deltaTime;

// Now, apply the dampening along the perpendicular axis
if (notDesiredMoveVec.magnitude > dampenAmount)
curSideVelocity -= dampenAmount * notDesiredMoveDir;
curSideVelocity -= notDesiredMoveVec;

// We also want to dampen out the velocity that's perfectly opposite our desired movement
Vector2 backwardMoveVec = Vector2.zero;
if (Vector2.Dot(-desiredMoveDir, curSideVelocityDir) > 0.0f)
backwardMoveVec = Vector2.Dot(-desiredMoveDir, curSideVelocityDir) * curSideVelocity.magnitude * -desiredMoveDir;

if (backwardMoveVec.magnitude > dampenAmount)
curSideVelocity -= dampenAmount * -desiredMoveDir;
curSideVelocity -= backwardMoveVec;

// We ALSO need to dampen movement in the forward direction that goes above our speed limit
Vector2 forwardMoveVec = Vector2.zero;
if (Vector2.Dot(desiredMoveDir, curSideVelocityDir) > 0.0f)
forwardMoveVec = Vector2.Dot(desiredMoveDir, curSideVelocityDir) * curSideVelocity.magnitude * desiredMoveDir;

if (forwardMoveVec.magnitude > (MaxFlyingSpeed + dampenAmount))
curSideVelocity -= dampenAmount * desiredMoveDir;
else if (forwardMoveVec.magnitude > MaxFlyingSpeed)
curSideVelocity -= desiredMoveDir * (forwardMoveVec.magnitude - MaxFlyingSpeed);

March 19, 2014 - 8:33 am by Megan Fox

Here’s a video of the brand new Franky AI. Instead of being a little mesh that follows you, now she’s… well, a person! It’s pretty awesome.

March 18, 2014 - 2:07 pm by Megan Fox

Here, you can see our final-ish ammo / ammo box art. Some of it may still change, but most of it won’t. Also, final art on the stuff that actually shoots out (like gumdrop rounds, yay!).